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Walkway and Driveway Cleaning

Every home is introduced by its driveway. This is the element that connects your house to the rest of the community – so it makes sense that it should give off a great first impression. Petersen Pressure Wash delivers driveway cleaning services that secure the beauty and curb appeal of your home… Starting from the concrete!

Creating A Grand Entrance

Think about your driveway. Is it clean and bright? Or does it have dirt and stains such as oil, rust and even decomposing leaves transformed it into a dull and dirty eyesore? Even if your home is picture perfect, it will look bedraggled if it’s surrounded by dirty sidewalks and a stained driveway. Petersen Pressure Wash delivers an effective alternative.

Professional Driveway Cleaning

Thanks to the frequency of use, once-bright driveways and sidewalks tend to dull very quickly. Petersen Pressure Wash has the tools and skills to fight dirt, fungus, and mold head-on. Our driveway and sidewalk cleaning service utilize two important elements: special techniques, and talented technicians with years of experience.

Our team knows how to remove even the toughest, sun-baked stain out of your driveway or sidewalk, so you’re left with a brilliantly clean surface that will enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Sealing: The Final Step

After your driveway is cleaned, you have the opportunity to lock in that vibrant appearance by having a sealant applied directly to your driveway. Besides locking in the spotless appearance, the sealing treatment also protects concrete from erosion and stains. from the elements that would erode the surface and also prevent future stains from occurring. Your concrete will look great and last much longer.

A spotless driveway is within reach! Get in touch with Petersen Pressure Wash to get your convenient, affordable solution.

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